She couldn’t stop thinking about the way he made her feel. The way his chocolaty brown eyes cut straight to her soul with the slightest glance. His touch weakened her knees and deepened her breath. When his lips, soft as silk, pressed ever so gently against hers, a fire took over her body. She had to have him.

Realizing she was still at the corner Bistro, Alessandra quickly paid the check and headed in town.

When she got to Jake’s place the thought of her lips all over his body drove her insane. She knocked on the front door, but there was no answer to her knock. She went around to the side door and found the spare key Jake always hid under the mat. The house was quite, and by this time of evening, quite dark. Alessandra quietly walked up the stairs trying to listen for a hint to where Jake was. She looked in the study; it was empty, the guestroom, also empty.

She pushed open the bedroom door and tip toed into the room. She was partially in the room when she heard a soft but deep voice come from the bed, “I was dreaming about you.” She turned to see Jake lying quite sedately in the bed.

“What took you so long?”

“I had to take a taxi from Le Petite Aire.”

Jake held out his hand and motioned Alessandra to come to the bed. She slowly walked over to him removing her black heels and sliding out her sheer black over shirt & skirt. Jake took her hand and pulled her down to him. She climbed on top of Jake and he guided her beautifully shaped legs as they slid down the satin sheets rubbing and caressing against Jake’s inner thighs and calves. “Ally, I want you so badly.” Alessandra could tell Jake wanted her. She could already feel the hardness of his cock pressed against her groin.

Without realizing it Alessandra began pressing and rolling her hips against his hard cock. It felt so incredibly good. She didn’t want to stop. Jake squeezed Alessandra in his arms and gave her the most passionate kiss they had ever shared. His tongue was like velvet to her lips. Alessandra couldn’t help but to suck and roll his delicious tongue in her mouth. Every inch of her skin tingled with each kiss.

Alessandra loved the way Jake squirmed between her legs as she caressed the outside of Jake’s ear lobe with her tongue. Jake squeezed her ass so tightly she couldn’t help but to breathe deeply into his ear. Her breath on his skin drove him wild. By now Jake was moaning and pressing so deeply into Alessandra he was ready to explode.

“I have to have you now.” Jake said intently looking deeply into her eyes.

Alessandra rolled over taking off her tank top. Jake started rolling her lace panties down her curvaceous thighs, but only got them to her knees before he began kissing her again. Jake, gently nibbling and sucking Alessandra’s bottom lip, slid a finger between her full juicy lips. Her clit was so swollen. She let out a soft gasp, “Don’t stop!”

He kept going and felt how wet she was for him. His hand felt so good, Alessandra brushed her hand over his and pushed his fingers inside her. Slowly at first, then faster, and faster, and deeper. Alessandra’s moans were like music to Jake’s ears. Every “mmmm” sent a chill down his spine and made the hair on his arms stand on end.

“Jake… Jake…”

“Yes Ally?”

“I need you inside me.” Without hesitation Jake pulled Alessandra’s panties off, took off his boxers, looked into her big beautiful green eyes, and slid into Alessandra like never before.


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